Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Poor Club Footed Birdy

This is our little robin baby. His family keeps trying to attack us as we try to help him. He's not that great at flying yet, and apparently has something wrong with his feet. We can't get him to uncurl his toes the right way and he can't hold onto branches. I think he might die. We fed him and held him for awhile last night, and at the end, he would just sit on my gloved hand. He balanced with his tail. He's so cute, but I put him over the fence so that Eamon, our dog, or a neighborhood cat wouldn't get him in our yard. Poor baby.

Wierd Science

Here's Eamon...."Mom, look at my hand, it's big!"

Monday, July 9, 2007

Dropping like Flies

Cameron lost his 3rd tooth this morning. Finally a big one....Yuck. He has enjoyed immensely wiggling it here and there and showing us all of the spectacular angles he could achieve. Seriously gross. Well, this morning, he proudly brought it in to me. I think the larger teeth are worth more to the Tooth Fairy. We'll see. At least he's not afraid of her anymore.

And then Eamon had to get in on the action.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Thanks for the stickers

Oh stickers are such a useful tool! They are pure fun for kids. You would think that peeling them off, putting them on clothes, paper, walls, floors and furniture was enough. But you have not met Eamon. I guess he thought it was too bright in his room during his nap, because this is what I discovered upon checking on him.