Thursday, March 19, 2009

And now a word from our sponsors...

I should have just stopped it as soon as Brandi commented within the first hour, but just for fun, I kept it going. Blah. Ange came in a VERY close second.

The place was in front of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas (we were watching the Bellagio Fountains) on Feb. 16th. Way to use your amazing knowledge of my travels and the hang-out that never happened (she was out of town when I was in town). Keep an eye on her blog to see what dandy picture she posts and where the Travelling T-Shirt ends up next!

Not really, but there is something I've been meaning to get off my chest...

This shirt. Hardy har har.

I received the Travelling T-shirt in *cough cough -December- cough cough* from Jen at The McMommy Chronicles. Apparently, it was random, but being that she does know a little about me, it would have been entirely fair to all involved for her to have "randomly" picked the next person down the list. Having harassed me sufficiently, I finally thought I would take care of this little task once and for all. Um, awhile ago. I forgot that I would have to actually upload a photo and write about it. Anyhoo...I'll tell you a bit about it.

The Travelling T-Shirt has come from Lightening Online and is making its way around the world until December 1st when one lucky participant will be voted a winner and Lightening will gift that person a cash amount (determined by the total number of participants). For more information please visit the Travelling T-Shirt page.

Last December, the winner turned out to be this so-called friend of mine mentioned above. Oooweeee! Lucky lady! This year, it will be me! (or it could be, if my name isn't mysteriously taken out of the running by a mad blogger for me being so slow.)

So I will send this fabulous shirt to the first person to comment with WHERE the photo was taken and WHEN. The WHEN is the hard part. But the closest guess wins! Good luck!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cara's Big Fat Baby Shower!

Hello all, no this isn't Cara it's me, Mary, Cara Dee's favorite sister hijacking her blog. I know you're disappointed that you can't read another one of Cara's quirky blog posts, but hey, she's big and prego and lazy so I'll try to fill her cute little shoes today! As many of you know our lovely step-sister, Kris, and I threw Cara a baby shower on Saturday. But don't think I forgot about the others of you that helped out at the shower and with the food: thank you Mom for the delicious fruit, thanks to Melissa for bringing the vegetable tray, thank you Kris for the amazing baked Brie Cara was in heaven, thanks Ally for being Vanna White and displaying and helping out with the gifts, and thank you Jamison for keeping the children upstairs and entertained you guys are great!

It was so sweet of you all to come and support Cara and to spoil her with such cute gifts for her upcoming girl child. I'm posting pictures from the shower, but please don't be offended if I missed some of you and your darling gifts as I wasn't the most diligent. Cara is so very grateful to you all for your generosity, creativity, talents, and hard work. Okay, okay I'm getting sappy now and I know Cara will not appreciate it. So sit back and enjoy all the pictures especially the ones of Cara's big 'ol belly doesn't she look ridiculously cute?!!

Ang and Kathy

Ally and Kris

Cara digging into the fabulous Brie

Kris and Abby

The gorgeous blessing dress Cara's mother-in-law Kerri made

Do you see the baby in a basket?

Crocheted booties made by Mom

Thanks Ally ; )

This present was left on her doorstep that week accompanied by a poem:

"Hello Cara Dee, how have you been?
Surprised to hear from us again?

It's been awhile since we last talked
It appears you are expecting, I must say I'm shocked!

Your loving husband must have given up on his baths
Did he do this on his own, or because of your wrath?

We saw Horton at the store, so cute and so pink
Perfect for wrapping your little one, and her diapers which will stink

We wish you the best with your bundle of joy
And since this is pink, we're glad she's not a boy!"

(If you don't know the history of Horton read about it HERE & HERE)

Afghans Aunt Karen made

Nixon, Lily & Abby

Pearl with Pearl kissing Chowder!

Our cousin Staci and her beautiful daughters Mikayla and Brooklyn

Pearl with Ellie and Ella

Cara is thinking "Why is Emalia touching my belly?!" ha

Our Step-Mother Henny

Brooks helping open her gift to the baby

Newlywed Bri

Laurie and Katie

Adriene, Mom, Mary, Kris, Cara

"Look at me!"

Cara's haul...."thank you thank you!"