Friday, February 13, 2009

I Get to Be Lazy AGAIN!!!

My Sister posted about our trip to the temple last night.

I am 8 months prego dearest...8. Also, I left my camera there, so now I have an extra jaunt to retrieve it before our trip today...blah.

I love the picture of us all, giddy from the ice cream we just ate.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not Really Octuplets. Don't Be Disappointed.

My Mom emailed me the other day saying she had seen my little widget with the Octuplets and had I heard about the lady in California who had octuplets? I hadn't, but I have now. Good Golly that poor lady is crizazy. 8 NEWBORNS! Plus 6 OTHER KIDS?? ALL AT ONCE!!!!

Here's some requested pictures. I promise, someone requested some. I will not say who(m?).

And the stairs are an ongoing project. Brandon gutted the ugly space under the stairs. It housed the previous owner's VHS collection...ha. Here's a "before" photo. And no, we have no railing. Haven't had one in 2 years and I'm the only one who's fallen down them. One day....{wistful glance in the air}

We have used it as a computer desk and a junk holder covered with curtains. After he ripped out the stuff under there, he built a wall and put a door on the existing closet next to it. Yay. It looks great now, but will be better when finished. Honey?? Then we'll have an "after" photo.