Wednesday, November 5, 2008

See How Good You've Got It??

Whenever we see someone's house that is some pig sty or see a news story about some nasty filthy house, I always say, "And you complain about our house..."

Or if he tells me about someone who has a lame, nagging wife, I say, "See how good you have it?"

Without fail, there will be some news story about a man chopping up his wife with an axe and he says, "See honey, I could be like that, see how good you have it?"

Brandon sent me an email with a link to a forum post about a nasty apartment and writes, "WOW.".

Here it is: (and it's a feast for the eyes. My personal favorite is the ironing board.)

"This has nothing to do with the Hurricane. We had a resident who had an outstanding balance for over a month and no one could get ahold of her. The Bookkeeper went inside after so many tries to leave a note and this is what we found:

The pictures do NO justice. There is suppose to be 2 cats living here but we cant find them (we think they're dead somewhere inside the apartment-we contacted the SPCA). The place REEKS to say the leaks, i gagged non stop."

The following is our email conversation afterwards:

and you say our house is duh dum!

(in cara voice) "at least it's not like that, you see how much worse it could be?"

That's what I meant.

I know.


Ang said...

How does that even happen? I feel dirty just looking at the pictures. But, I'm feeling much better about my own house right now.

Wrights said...

And I was feeling bad about not being totally unpacked yet... That just made my day. Although the cigarette pile on my computer is almost as high as theirs..ha.

Brandan & Haylie said...

And I worry about my house if it's not clean...those pictures are disgusting!!! Makes me feel better about the condition of my house.

BTW, my blog is going me if you want to stay in

Autumn said...

Nasty! All of those pictures are so gross. With all those pizza boxes and fast food cups, it's a wonder that they didn't find the person who lived there stuck in their bed weighing in at 500lbs...oh maybe the smoking off set the weight gain!?! Haha,so kidding about that last part.
Oh, and CONGRATS on Cara JR. Now don't go stealing Angie's favorite name...Boomfreaka! Haha. <3.

tim and brandi said...

I don't even see how it's possible for someone to live there. What the hell was that on the bathroom floor?!

Mary said...

That was great now I have something to live up to. I'll post the pictures when my place looks WORSE than that. I just bought 100 cases of cigs to get started and clogged up my toilet on purpose.a;fjdsljkf;s lkfj oops it's hard to type on a keyboard full of cigarette ash aksjdflsjdk kajkfsaiofdj;asldk love you!

Dave and Amber said...

well it looked like there was a cleaner of some sort sitting on the side of the tub. I don't think she figured out how to open it.

Cheeseboy said...

What I want to know is why do they have so many fountain drink cups. Don't they know that if you take your same cup back you can get a refill at 7-11 for like half the price?

BulldogMama said...

I'm speechless.

(not something that happens often!)

HeyitsNatee said...

Just like heaven! Who, please tell, wouldn't want to live like that?!

Sorry, I'm blog lurking. Your blog was linked on someone's (Melissa's?) blog and I thought, Hey, I remember Cara. She had that awesome "I do all my own stunts" t-shirt that I wanted to steal. And you always made me laugh no matter WHAT we were talking about... so does your blog!

Omgirl said...

Oh my gosh. I don't even know what to say. that is unbelievable. I mean, how hard is it to throw a cup away? I can understand people who hoard to some extent--keeping jars and plastic bags, and boxes and stuff. But not people who simply live in filth. UGH.

Jason said...

Well hello... our blog is going private in a few weeks, so if you want to see our blog, let me know an email to use to give you acceess.

Anonymous said...

Ok...that bathroom truly makes me ill. How many diseases did this person have that was nastiness-induced from her own filth? EW!

--Jacquoax Linoleum Kinyoauxowaniosang

Angela said...

Hi! I found you through The McMommy Chronicles.

That is so stinkin' gross! She's definitely keeping the local Whataburger in business, though! And what about that bottle of cleaner in the bathroom? Obviously she never figured out how to use it!

Omgirl said...

Cara, you've been tagged! Go to my blog to see get your assignment. this comment will self-destruct in 10 seconds. Good Luck!

Christine said...

Wow, that definately makes me feel a lot better about my house right now!

The Tillotsons said...

Oh my Gosh, I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Blessings From Above said...