Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Chance for August

My goal after Matilda was born was to post at least once each month. It's a lofty goal, I know. I just realized what today is, so I'm making it short.

Cameron started 3rd grade last week. He has 2 great teachers that split the day. They are great so far. Brandon gave him a ride to school, so he thought he should be in the picture too I guess.

Nice pose!

The real pose.

Um, Brandon wears a backpack to work each day as well. Really.

Anyway, it's weird to have a 3rd grade son. I think "Oh geez! I remember SOOO much from 3rd grade!" so I'm nervous about what I'm doing that he will remember clearly.

Heaven help me!


Danielle said...

What?! I can't believe he's in 3rd grade!! I will always think of him as my hyper little Sunbeam.

dayna said...

ha ha, cute boys. when you said you remember so much from third grade it kind of made me worry about the same thing with my boy...yikes.

Brenda said...

I have vivid memories of 3rd grade as well. My teacher had a nervous breakdown and we ended up having a permanent sub the rest of the year. Good times.

*jimaie.marie* said...

I hadn't even BEGUN to think of the things my 1st grader might be imprinting into his memory these days!!! CUE THE PANIC to be a fantastic mother! lol! seriously tho.
I can't believe you have a 3rd grader, he's so big! And so handsome! That other boy you have doesn't look too shabby either, he actually could pass for a student himself! :D

Wrights said...

I was just thinking that the other day! If I remember first grade so well, that means that Brooklyn will remember ME from now on. Not good. Not good at all.

Omgirl said...


Lia said...

Your photo reminds me of my dad and brothers.
My father had been in the Navey and still had his dress uniform.
Every year Mum would take a photo of the boys wearing Dads dress jackey uniform, over the years you can watch my brothers grow into the jacket and even some of them grow right out of it.
Maybe you could do something similar.
Nice blog, I enjoyed my visit with you.
Much love,

Liz said...

I thought that you were going to update once a is now October. I am just saying.

Sara Jean said...

Um, time for an update Cara Dee. I keep checking and there is nothing...