Friday, September 14, 2007

Ferret Oh Ferret

I don't know if anyone watched the Ferret documentary on PBS recently, but it's a hoot. We watched about 10 minutes, and decided that we had to have another one. We love our Penny (Penelope Cruz), but we thought she'd enjoy having a friend besides Emma (Emmaline Harris, our dog). So last night, we were on a great Ferret Hunt. Took about 15 calls to find her. She has a little stubby notched ear, so Brandon thought we should call her Audible. Sounds like Maude & Mable and goes along with our tradition of naming pets old lady names....It just didn't jive though, so she is named Audrey Hepburn (the aud is for her ear, get it?) I didn't get a great shot of her little handicap, but here she is anyway.

She was filthy from the pet store, so she had a much needed bath.

She was super hyper on the way home, and had some fun romping around with Emma and Penny.

I think she was thrilled to go to sleep in the hammock.
She's mellowed out substantially today, though she still likes to play. I got her to fall asleep in my hands last night and today. SO CUTE!

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