Sunday, September 9, 2007

First Day of School - Terrible Lighting

Is it bad that I didn't want him to wear this shirt he picked out, but upon hearing the voice of reason (Brandon) I gave in. I mean, don't you want to convey something about your child to the teacher the first day? Like, "I am awesome and my Mom dresses me so smoooooth, which in a way means she is so smooooth." Not, "my Dad listens to Megadeath and wears wifebeaters." He doesn't, by the way.
And for some reason, even though Cameron is excited by being in the classroom, I feel it kinda looks like a dungeon. Hmmm....
Oh, as we walked to the school, we saw his girlfriend from last year Jenny* (name has been changed to protect her from future embarrassment when she learns to google her name). She was like "HI CAMERON!" We all got in the line for 1st grade, and from ahead of us in the line, she kept staring at him. Staring. It was cute. She is cute.

But then the other day, one of the other 1st grade teachers, who is my YW president, came up to me on a hike to say, "Um, this is a wierd question, but would Cameron bring a knife to school?" If you know Cameron, this is highly unlikely. Anyway, seems that his girlfriend, Jenny*, writes little stories in her class about Cameron chasing her around the playground with a knife. Wow. So this teacher said to her, "These are made up stories right?" "No, he chased me around one day and stabbed me in the side and I had to get stitches."

I just asked him about it. He said he used to play Star Wars with her, and she was Padme and he was Anakin Skywalker. We all know that Anakin wouldn't touch Padme with a lightsaber....if you know what I mean...ahem. Anyway, he said that she chases him around at recess and he doesn't have time to play Star Wars anymore. So he's unaware of any knives. Geez. Such drama and he's only in first grade. Girls really are wierd.

He told me he has a different girlfriend anyway. Her name is Hailey and she lives Eagle Mountain. They're making that long distance relationship work! No names changed there.

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Brenda said...

So hilarious! Preston told his cousin that his grandparents were eaten by a bear. It made her cry. Girls are weird but boys can be mean (at least scare you with made-up stories)!