Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Okay, I walked in my kitchen and saw this spider....Yuck Yuck Yuck
Of course I had to get my camera. I went to attempt to end its life (with a screwdriver. I was so scared, I didn't know what else to grab) and it went down the window sill and under my sink. ACK.
I started crying and freaking out, couldn't breathe. Later on, the kids were over in the area where I saw it and I froze. I was like, "No, Don't" but without any sound coming out. Like in a dream.

Want a close up???? I didn't.

So my Mom made the trek to my house and brought with her some fantastic spider spray and sprayed the entire innards and outards of my house. Except the north side yard, which I did myself. And I found a HUGE brown spider and a HUGE black widow living about 2 feet from eachother. I ran out of the sideyard crying and freaking out. I hate spiders. Crying and freaking out.

Thanks Mom.


TheShippenFamily said...

I totally forgot about your deathly fear of spiders that makes me laugh!!

Brenda said...

Sick, sick, sick. I'm actually okay with spiders, but that one looks pretty big! Trevor is scared to death of them.

Christine Cook said...

I can't believe how old your boys are! Time goes by way too fast!

Christine Cook said...

What is the deal with the Pioneer Woman Cooks? Do you and Sally know her?? Her recipes look really good.

Christine Cook said...

thanks for sharing that site, i linked my blog to it. she has some great ideas, and everything looks so good. have you made very much of her food??

Christine Cook said...

with all my comments..i look like i'm stalking you or something. :)