Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blue Cones of Wonder

See these little suckers?

I found them on the couch with Eamon. He had an allen wrench thingy and a strip of styrofoam insulation. I asked him, "How did you make these??" They were so beautiful and coney. I marveled at his smarts.

Here's a couple videos of his explanation.

Apparently, by some miracle, when you poke through styrofoam insulation, the piece comes out cone-shaped. It's the first mischief he's made that has actually had some cool outcome.


Ang said...

Aren't you glad it was just some foam and not your sofa?

Brenda said...

Nice work "Bob".

robandsara said...

Rob just laughed out really loud when Eamon said "bob the builder". Eamon is really, really, really cute. What a little smarty pants.