Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm Stealing a Post

from Tonia. I love her blog. I think it was the first blog I read. It's amazing where a google search will take you. Today her she had a fun post about your "birth song". Here's a link to the site. You enter in your birthday, or 18th birthday, or wedding day. It gives you the #1 song at the time. I thought ours were funny.

Cara's Bday song is Babe by Styx.

Brandon's is Debby Boone's You Light Up My Life. HA!

Tonia encouraged comments telling what your songs were. I'd like to extend the same invitation. Please do!


skooter said...
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skooter said...

OK Cara, I'll bite -
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart - Bee Gee’s

Funny thing is, I've never heard it before.

Ang said...

Awwww, Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce.

GTi337 said...

Why is that girl wearing a nightgown in the video for my birthday?

AllyGail said...

Mine is Blondie- The Tide is High...interesting

robandsara said...

That's funny, Rob and I were just laughing about her silky bathrode too.

So, mine is Morning Train by Sheena Easton. The video is has a whole bunch of innuendos. Rob's is Too much heaven by the Bee Gees. Rob sang along the entire song and has as good or better of a falsetto than the lead singer guy.