Monday, December 10, 2007

Loving the Homework

Well, not really the homework, but the work that ends up coming home. I hightlighted my favorite parts. I don't know if you can read it, so I'm typing the words under the picture.

This is some Thanksgiving assignment.

"I like appl pie. It's delishis. I can't wate tel Thakscgiving."

And who could not LOVE this one:
"I am Great Hunter. I shoot anamos. And I like it. I get to yous a bowanero. I go Hunting in the day."

(and the back)
"I hunt dere and buflo and olk."

Oh, and by the way, none of the 2nd worksheet is true. And I hope it stays that way.


GTi337 said...

Unfortunately I am already seeing the negative impact of living in Lehi. Im not quite sure how my kid came up with that hunting story considering both of his parents hate hunting. In any case, funny stuff.

Ang said...

I was reading that thinking, this is not the sweet Cameron I know and love, happy about shooting animals. What a silly boy. I think you might have to move.

Christine Cook said...

That is so cute.

Sally said...

Oh, I love things like that. Their first writings are so great. Anna had to list words that started with "C", so she wrote "crod" for karate. I smiled at let it stay for Mrs. Brown's enjoyment. I like that bow and arrow is all one word in Cameron's world.

robandsara said...

What are you teaching this boy! All the violence! Just kidding. This is really hilarious and totally adorable. I luv his spellin espeshily the yous (use).