Thursday, February 14, 2008

I just Hacked to say I love you

Well, It is once again upon us........The special day filled with thoughts of love, romance, and flying fat babies with "bowaneros" (if you read the blog you'll understand). I wanted to do something different for Cara, and theres one sure fire way to tell someone how much you love them....Hack into their blogger account, add yourself as a contributor and tell them.

CaraDee, as much as you drive me crazy, I really do love you with most of my heart (the rest is reserved for other things....the car, oh, and the kids). You are beautiful when you get dressed and put on your eyebrows. At least once a week, I get to marvel at you. You are funny when you're not mad at me. Honestly though, I love you and there is no one I know that I could get along with like I do you. We have always been able to laugh together even though you are usually laughing at me, not with me. You play guitar hero like a true champ, which says alot. You always light up a room full of people and I love that about you. For the most part, I would say that I am proud to call you my wife. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


CaraDee said...

I liked the eyebrows comment most of all.
Love you too.

Anonymous said...

Aww. I mean, really...It doesn't get any better than that. Breakfast in bed and all the flowers in the world couldn't compare to a hacked into blog with pictures of The Hasselhoff himself. I'm teary-eyed.

Brenda said...

That (sniff, sniff) was so (wipe tear) sweet! Pretty creative Brandon! The way to a womans heart is through her blog page!

The Tillotsons said...

ahhhh Brandon's so thoughtful! The eyebrow comment was my favorite as well. ;-)