Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh What a Beautiful Morning! Oh What a Beautiful Day!

I've got a beautiful feeeeling! Everything's going my way......well, not exactly.
Anyway, we had a fun night last night as the only guests at my cousin's Valentine's party. We had fun touring their new "old" house and had a lotta yummy food. I LOVE GUACAMOLE. There, I got it off my chest.

So we got home and decided that since we were (I was) all dolled up, we should take a Valentine picture. I said, "Hey, let's make them like engagement pictures!" and Brandon instantly came up with our pose.

Oh, that's not it, that's the ceiling. We were in our poses, when one of our ferrets started investigating the camera and tipped it over right before it took. I shooed her away and started over.

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!

And on Wednesday, I went to Enrichment night at our church and learned how to decorate cakes and cookies. I was really intimidated. I watched everyone else, and finally decided to mostly copy my friend Haylie's cookie. I got home and before I could take the picture, Brandon stole it and ran from me. "I want to take a picture of it before it's gone!!!!" Finally he stopped. CAUGHT!

Look at that lattice work! Look at the border! I am a cookie artiste'. Aren't I?

And one random one I found on my camera that Eamon must've taken.

OOOOhhhh! My Stampin' Up! order just arrived. MUST GO NOW.


MCmommy said...

I'm voting for the Engagement Picture to be your new blogger profile pic.

Christine said...

Love the engagement pictures. You look so pretty.