Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Times!!

In case you didn't know (you didn't), I was on a Super Girls Trip to Las Vegas last Wednesday - Friday night. Of course, I haven't posted it, but Arianne, who is no slacker, has a superb recounting of our adventures together. Check it out! I might add my 2 cents later here. But she did a great job. It's chock full of laughter, tears, gas....And that was just me.

And everything she says about me, assume I was right..ha

Though I am not new to a hiatus from the blog (I take one every week....sorry) I will warn you about this one. I'm off to Girls Camp with the Young Women from our ward from Tues - Sat.

"Good times!" - Jerri Blank


Omgirl said...

Aren't you going to do a contradictory commentary? I'm dying to know what REALLY happened. Oh wait. What happens in Vegas.... Shoot. I guess I'll never find out the TRUTH.

Brenda said...

Just watched the RAD clip, my brother used to rent that over and over and over and over. Guess what he's getting for his birthday! Have fun at girls camp!