Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's Official

Remember the post where I was talking about getting my dog knocked up?

I felt them moving in there today. Next week (I'll be away all week for Girls Camp) we'll get an x-ray done to see how many puppies she'll have.
(Brandon is not holding her by the nape of her neck. She is standing and he's holding her up....We're not MEAN)


Ang said...

So who's the daddy? Will they be cute little doggies like Emma?

Sally said...

She looks just like a knocked up person. She looks all tired and pissy and uncomfortable. I feel for her, especially since you did this to her! WHY?! Are you planning to sell them and make lots of money? Defend yourself.

Omgirl said...

Yeah, Emma! let's have a puppy shower for her! Just kidding. I'm not one of those crazy dog people. You know the ones.

dayna said...

whoa baby! she looks like she feels as good as i did at 10 1/2 months pregnant! (yes, 10 1/2--that's how late my last one was)