Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And In Other News...

Okay, my dear friend Bree has been BUGGING THE CRIPPITY CRAP out of me all day for an update with the pumpkin pictures from our fun night of carving. Hours and hours of "Is it done yet?" "I'm sick of looking at no pumpkins" "You are a lazy blogger". So here they are. Sheeesh!!!
My Mom gave Cameron this fill-your-own pumpkin man and he was super excited to fill it. With our HUGE towering tree in the backyard, it was no problem finding the stuffing. Eamon and Cameron are "helping" Brandon carry the pumpkin man through the house to the porch.

Cameron just looked horrified to see who his seat mate was....But to me, he looks pretty friendly. I wouldn't date him or anything, I'm just saying he looks kinda happy-go-lucky. Looks like he would be whistling.

Cameron's pumpkin was a skull and Eamon's is um, something I did for him.

This is us with our finished pumpkins too.

By the time we finished with ours, the kids were already asleep. I was done quickly, cause I really didn't feel like spending time on something that would rot in 2 days. So as Brandon painstakingly "etched" out his Decepticon logo, I sat on the couch and watched The Bachelor out of boredom.

I don't watch that show, but now I might tivo the rest. It was a riot. You know, you think that when you become an adult, people won't act like retards on TV, especially when they are looking for a mate. I don't know, that guy is cute I guess, but he came across LAME. Then the crazy crying girl mayhem at the end of the rose ceremony was awesome. Mascara and freakshow smeared across her face. Geez. Can these people really think that ALL OF THEM are "falling in love" with this guy in this contrived setting? Anyway, then I watched the news. Everytime I watch the news, I remember why I don't watch the news. Filler, filler, filler. They did a story about an old couple that had their car stolen and their dog was in it. "This is the handicapped space where Joe Schmoe was sitting tonight when....." and the reporter is pointing to a parking spot. Is it neccessary to be at the spot to report on it? "The dog was the same age as the car." WHAT? WHAT? Who cares? Is that worth air-time? At least they didn't say, "It could have been worse." Maybe it's sad that they didn't. Maybe it's the worst thing that could have happened. But I don't think so. Am I ranting? I am. I hate watching the news.

"And now, back to your regularly scheduled blog."

Here are the finished pumpkins. Aren't they super? I love mine. Simple yet effective.

And here I am with a piece of the ear from Eamon's pumpkin. LOOK! It's a C! For Cara!


The Walsh's said...

FINALLY! Jeeez. More like 'C' for CAN'T UPDATE HER BLOG.

Your pumpkin looks like you just threw it together. I'd be ashamed.

CaraDee said...

Super ashamed is more like it. I'll go outside at once and smash it to pieces, make a really sad pumpkin pie from them, then just throw it in the garbage as soon as it's out of the oven. Thanks for the constructive criticism.

Robere said...

yeah, i saw the end of that episode. with the girl in white who got told that she's the most amazing person in the world but just a friend. and then she got all teary about wanting to introduce this guy to her father. let me know how the rest of the season goes - and how this guy got a spot on bachelor.