Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tear The Walls Down!!!!

Okay, here's how the upstairs bizarre little bathroom looked when we were looking at buying the house last year. We haven't done anything good to it yet. We ignore it mostly.

This is sadly looking EXACTLY the same. Even the same lotion. Blah.

Anything you see here that is movable is obviously gone, since it wasn't ours. And I immediately took down that HORRIBLE privacy plastic from the windows. The toilet is behind that privacy half-wall. See that floor? It consists of self-stick vinyl tiles. And they aren't even aligned together some of the time. How is that good for a bathroom floor that can get wet? It's not! That's why the toilet is sinking into the floor.

This is a door to a storage room.

Peek-a Boo!! Yes, folks, that is the toilet tank sticking through the "custom" hole. Precious I tell ya. And there is the clawfoot tub. It has been outside on our back deck for the whole year. All winter, all spring, all summer, now fall again. It had been PAINTED that almond color and Brandon was going to strip it. I mean, PAINT? Who paints the interior of a tub? Brandon finally has a plan to take care of all of it himself. We've found a beautiful antique looking faucet and are planning on getting it when the tub is ready.

WHAM-O!!! Check this out!

Brandon ripped out the privacy wall for the toilet and is going to cut out this useless truss. But we're still going to have to wait till the floor is ripped out to see what options we have for moving the tub and toilet positions. Cross your fingers folks.


The Walsh's said...

Oh my goodness. I saw your post and I went straight to the bathroom and cut out a custom hole for the back of my toilet. What a fabulous idea. And it's so stylish. It really belongs in a Restoration Hardware magazine. Pottery barn, at least.

Christine Cook said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of work! You guys are ambitious! You'll have to post pictures when you're done!

CaraDee said...

I thought it might produce a few copycats. Get your own ideas.

Hardworker said...

Lol, Christine Cook said "you GUYS are ambitions".....Yes, way to go Cara. Cheers to one of the most ambitious women I know. ;-)

CaraDee said...

Okay, my lurker husband is NO LONGER allowed to comment. I'm going to start deleting them! This is your warning buddy!

Brenda said...

Brandon, Brandon, Brandon. You can't fool us. We know Cara's ambitious. Just look at all the time she spent on her pumpkin...oh wait. I'm thinking that it had to have been Trevors ex-uncle that worked on the house before. He's in construction and is now a woman. Seriously.