Saturday, October 13, 2007

Winter Woodland (Hills)

Last Saturday, I took the kids up to my Mom's house in Woodland Hills, about 30 minutes away. They live on the side of a mountain. It was raining hard all that day, but as I came up the road to their house, it was full on snowing.
It's actually "foggy" or cloudy so that her normally amazing view is completely obliterated. (This house is her neighbor)

Here is a sunny normal day from her front door. Don't mind us.

This is when we got out of the car, Eamon was a little blurry eyed.

So we had a great time there! My Mom made us dinner, and right when we finished, Eamon went up to Grandpa's puzzle and "helped" with it. Meaning he ruined half of it. So I spent most of my evening fixing what he did. Later, when Larry came back, he never knew. But I continued working on it later with him anyway. It was fun. The kids played Sorry and other games with my Mom and she got her Halloween decorations out and let them help her set them up. They loved it.

By the end of the night, Eamon accidentally peed his pants. He always does it near the bathroom, poor guy. I heard him say, "My penis peed in my pants all by itself." I laughed and told him that he did it, not his penis. He insisted, "No, my penis did it all by itself!" I guess he means that he couldn't hold it anymore. So my Mom sent him home in a pillowcase, tied around the waist with a string. It was pretty funny cause he was jumping around the house like a little potato sack racer. I love his face in this picture.


Anonymous said...

I hope Eamon's future girlfriend googles his name and finds this post. And when he goes to therapy, he'll say, "Mommy did this to me all by herself." Yep.

Brenda said...

Love the penis story! Oh, the blackmail we have on our children! It's getting colder here too. I think it was 75 degrees today, brrr.
p.s. what's your skinny secret?

Ang said...

I love the close up of Eamon - it's so him. Your boys keep getting cuter Cara. And thank you for changing the spider :)

Sally said...

That's hilarious! I can't wait until Jack talks about his. I talk about it all the time! You guys look hot in that picture by the way. Wow. Good shot.

Kacy said...

I absolutely hate it when my penis pees all by itself. That is seriously the funniest story ever. My nephew one time in church wrote on paper "I love my penis" and of course the two rows behind saw it too. Oh Gotta love kids.