Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hey, This Actually Happened in November

My Mom & Step-Dad had their annual Halloween party a week later than usual, due to unforseen circumstances, so we got to keep the Halloween vibe going a few days longer. Yay!

First off, I have to put a disclaimer on these first photos. These costumes were made in FUN, not to make people mad, or get us on the news having to apologize to the world. Freedom of Speech, baby.

When Brandon and I were in Egypt in May, we bought these costumes (sans dynamite)specifically for the super fun of Halloween. When we got all dressed up, of course the thought crossed my mind. How could it not? So we went with it. Brandon is a genius. I could not have made a better bomb myself. Gotta love wooden dowels and spray paint. And cheap clocks from Ikea. And Boy, do I love our uni-brows. Almost my favorite part.

Cam was a cute Harry Potter, which was fun, because his cousin was Hermione. Eamon was a boxer, but due to him tossing me the body part of his costume (without me seeing) and it landing in the toilet, his robe and gloves accidentally got left at home. Poor kid. After that, it was a frantic day, with us forgetting multiple costume pieces, driving home, and still forgetting his stuff. What with that and the hole in my house (follow up later)'s amazing we finally made it.

Here they are participating in the donut-on-a-string contest. My boys get their fervor from me. Cam won.

Check out the cookie on a stick Eamon is sporting. SUGAR!!!

Here I am with my brothers. I did this last year and won, but not with them, and this time they thrashed me.

Poor me. I included even the most hideous of the pictures, since I am an unbiased observer... Really it's just middle child syndrome. (Dan won at the last second.)

Oh My!! Klint & Mary (disco divas), Mom & Larry (Palm Springs retirees)

Here's my little sister and brother Mary & Mikey. So the "dress" Mary is wearing is a skirt I bought at Saver's in high school and actually wore to school. I was a freak.
Here's all the Lay-deez. (Mom, sister-in-law Adriene, me, sister Mary, sister-in-law Jayann)
Here's Eamon, rockin' Uncle Klint's shades.
There were only 3 groups of totally non-P.C. costumes there. We are not stereotypical in the least!! We had a great time!! Brandon only had to threaten to detonate a couple of times. Anyway, we love having a reason to always dress up for Halloween. Thanks for having the party, Parents!


Anonymous said...

Oh my. I can't believe I call you all my friends. The sad part is, Cara, you look like Mary, Mother of Jesus standing beside a terrorist.

Jen said...

Totally love the costumes. Wish we were there to borrow them.

CaraDee said...

Yeah, an angry Mary...and Jen, I think several other couples have already called dibbs. ha

Ang said...

I'm 1/24th Egyptian, and I'm deeply offended. Oh, and we do not kidnap tourists on camels either! Your kids are adorable though.

Christine Cook said...

LOVE the costumes. Brandon looks really scary! He looks like he is for real! PS I saw him the other night at Costco getting gas.

Sally said...

Troy and I are dying laughing. vEry impressive, not to mention original. One year we went as Hester Prynne (complete with a big "A" on my dress) and the priest from The Scarlet Letter, and we had Grace dressed up in her blessing dress and playing baby Pearl. We went to the ward party like that, and got lots of offended looks. The worst part is that lots of people didn't even get it. P.S. Send me your address so I can send you a Christmas card. (sally at