Friday, November 9, 2007

My Fear of Pickles and Mustard is Ruining My Life!

I promise that one day soon I will post some Halloween pictures. Yeah, it's been over a week since Halloween...SO SUE ME. Blah. They will be worth it.

Also, updates on the giant hole in my house.

Also, something else that I can't remember now. But in the meantime, enjoy this. This is good stuff. Good Stuff!!

Remember how I said my Mom came and sprayed for spiders? And what I wrote about what I did when I found the scary ones on the side of the house? Well, if you had any trouble imagining me, picture the balloon lady.

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Christine Cook said...

This is seriously like a Saturday Night Live spoof or something. I can't believe this is for real! Hey, have you kept in touch with Kim??