Monday, November 12, 2007

It's Just Like Riding A Bike

The kids went over to the church parking lot to ride their bikes. I came over and had the pleasure of witnessing these events. And now so will you! (golf clap)

Cameron going off the curb!!

Eamon going off the curb!!

Cam's painful experience!!

Eamon waving!! (oops)

Eamon's mad balancing skills!!


Anonymous said...

Okay 1.) I love how you're in the freakin' car and your kids rode their bike and scooter to this parking lot. It can't be more than what? 100 yards away from your house? Sort of like how you drive to pick Cameron up from school. Wow!

And B.) Cameron is just aching for his Mommy's love when he's rolling around on the ground. But AGAIN, you're too lazy to even get outta your car and give him a hug...or say, "It's okay, honey" for that matter.

Dang. I think I'm gonna send these videos to Social Services.

CaraDee said...

Okay, A. It's one block away, and it was cold.

B. Did you also notice how every yelp was directed at the camera with a smile? Shut it, sista... you with the rash infested baby.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but I didn't drive over to Lincoln to check it out.

Liz said...

I love how you watch you child yelping in pain on the ground!

Robere said...

I was waiting for the part where you run into the dumpster while filming. Very disappointed that you stopped.

Christine Cook said...

The clip of Cameron reminded me of the show Jack Ass. Do you have a future stevo in your hands???

Brenda said...

Bravo Boys! Was that a float from the 24th of July in the parking lot? Nice touch. Tell Cameron that Prestons feels his pain. Not a lot of sympathy from his mama either. Can't have a sissy lala boy in the house.