Friday, March 7, 2008

And at the Very Same Moment, Brandon Was Doing the Very Same Thing

Here's a post of something that happened 3 weeks ago:

I was putting Cam's homework away, right before they went to bed. Both kids were in their PJ's, watching something on tv. I heard Eamon cry, and ran over. (I have learned to distinguish the cries, and this one meant something.) He had hit his face on the coffee table. As I baby-carried him to the dining room to get more light, I saw no blood on his mouth where I assumed he had hit. But then, I did. His chin was bleeding. So I laid him on the table to get a better look. It was a "kisser" (I made that up just now). If you moved it just right, it was a nasty bloody little mouth. So I held it another way, to keep it closed. I had Cam hold a tissue on it (to keep it closed) and called Bran (at his friend's house replacing his muffler?) to tell him about it.

"Eamon cut his chin open and I think I need to take him to the Instacare."

"You're kidding me, right?"

"Um, no...."

"Well, I just had Seth superglue my cheek, cause I cut it open. It would open when I moved my cheek. I am in the bathroom looking at it. And my car is not in running condition right now so I can't go with you."


So I drove the kids to the Orem Instacare because they were open till 10pm. Lucky me. While we waited, a nurse put some numbing stuff on gauze and taped it to his chin.

Cam and Eamon were very good. I was able to use my iTouch to let them watch a short video and they also watched Hero League or something like that with Batman on the tv there. He ended up getting 3 stitches without a shot. It was such a different experience from the one he had when he turned 1 and had to get 5 stitches above his eyebrow. That was horrible.

Here's one of Bran's cheek a week later.

Two days later, Eamon pulled one of the stitches out. It was already scabbed over, so I just left it.

Also, I would like to be called Dr. Hansen....cause I just pulled them out myself. I don't have time to drive over there and have them do it. It's not rocket science. So the half with the remaining two stitches looks perfect, the other side, not so much. Looks like a cut that was left to heal by itself. Lame. So he will have half a scar. Stinkin' kid.


Cynthia said...

Poor Eamon! When we've had to go to the doctor to get something stitched up and they use the "super glue" we always ask if we could get another one or two so we'd have them at home. Sure helps for little things. Just watch out that it doesn't get on you skin and theirs and you have to pull it away.

dayna said...

ouch ouch ouch! what a night!

Omgirl said...

When I got my chin implant, I was worried about the scar it would leave. My doctor said that 50% of people have a scar on their chin in the same spot as mine would be so who would ever notice. So, see? Eamon was just evening out the statistics!

Sally said...

So this is life with boys? Rats. Super Glue was a cool fix. I never would have thought of that.

MCmommy said...

Be were tempted to try the Super Glue on your son's chin, weren't you, Dr. Cara?

By the way, I'm out of the loop for a few days and you become a POSTING ADDICT!!!! I've spent my whole morning catching up on Cara's blog???? I never would have believed it.

Ang said...

I always thought boys with little scars were cute. Oh, and we were at Instacare on the same night again! Our trip was considerably less dramatic - just strep again.

Brenda said...

Scars are tough. And super glue is used in hospitals all across the world. Strange that it cost so much more when they glue you back together verses a DIY job.

Liz said...

FYI, we have had to make MANY late night Dr. visits and we found that the Urgent Care in Lehi and AF is open until 10 and they have a contract with a lot of insurances so that it is only a regular co-pay anytime that you see them. I do not know about you but our insurance cost a lot to go to any other Instacares.

The Tillotsons said...

Oh the wonderful adventures of having boys (3 of them). I don't know if I could handle all the blood--you're a trooper. ;-)

emilymomto3boys said...

aww, poor guy! Too funny (in a not laughing kind of way) that they both split their chins!

We did that this summer with my youngest - but he got by with some glue at the hospital.

pdholgreen said...

Hi Cara! This is Danielle Holgreen. I used to live by you on Sparrowhawk Way. I came across your blog, and am glad to see you guys are doing well. Aside from stitches and super glue. Preston and I always say we're going to have a little Cameron and Eamon. Our blog is