Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm "Plumb" Near Ecstatic!

I was not nagging (yes I was) Brandon about our mysterious loss of hot water pressure in the kitchen since he plumbed the upstairs bathroom. I really wasn't (yes I was). So 2 weekends ago, he replumbed the house with Pex. Instead of up to 2 minutes of waiting for hot water in the kitchen, at half pressure, I am instantly gratified with HOT water in 12-15 seconds. It's a March wonderland of water here! I'm thrilled. Filling up pots takes like seconds! I feel so, so modern!

Cam dared to venture into the hazardous land of the crawlspace, so we thought we'd document it. Don't worry, he had a gas mask.

Bran needed a bath after being in the nasty crawlspace all day. Too bad he hadn't hooked up the bathtub lines yet. So we boiled water and poured hot water from the sink in 2-4 quart increments for a while. I thought it was very pioneery of us.

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