Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Boycott is Over!!

And while the day after it started, I was informed that the package was already on its way, I still decided to take a(nother) break and wait till it arrived. I am so very pleased though, that even this morning Bree complained to me that she had another comment on her site about it. HA. My loyal minions, I LOVE YOU!

But now she is mad at me, because I exchanged the gift. (Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works, the scent was not my style, but I loved the gesture. I did get pineapple orchid and wild honeysuckle instead.) I don't know how to make it up to her, because we had discussed this very subject (exchanging, me being picky about gifts, yes, I am a jerk) in October, before her birthday. I told her in advance about my pickiness, but I guess I am truly a rude person, and for that I apologize, but still love her and her thoughtfulness. And right now, my house smells awesome!!

And while I was there, I picked up a pineapple shaped pineapple orchid candle which is divine. And this one is pink, because the top of the white one I was carrying to the front to purchase flew off and shattered. Nuts.

Which brings me to my next post...the paint color.


tim & brandi said...

Glad to see you're off your strike. I've been known to exchange 90% of the gifts I've been given. There is nothing wrong with being picky, why should you suffer with something you don't love?? My problem is that I usually don't tell anyone that I've exchanged it, so when they come over and are like "Where's that doll that we gave Paisley for Christmas?" I have to make up some lie that she must have left it at her friends house or something lame like that. I'm a terrible lier, but somehow it's easier for me to make up a believable story after the fact than to tell someone that I took their gift back - it always seems to come across WAY worse than I'd intended.


Anonymous said...

Awww, I ain't mad at ya. Thanks for the shout out - although you really had no choice :) I was looking, and the scent I wanted you to buy wasn't honeysuckle - It's called Velvet Tuberose. Oh well...Maybe next time.

I love the green. Baby poop and all.

emilymomto3boys said...

oh man, I found honeysuckle perfume there the other day on clearance for $2 - LOVE IT! of course that means they aren't making it anymore....

Omgirl said...

I love the paint color! Love love love.

MCmommy said...

Oohh. You are going to HATE ME!

I just tagged you!


The Roaming Southerner said...

I love love love the green, but almost any green is good in my book.