Tuesday, April 8, 2008


While the furnace was out, I was stupidly trying to heat the main floor with a space heater. Eamon walked by it, tripped on the cord and it came unplugged. He was walking off, and I said, "Well, plug it back in..."

**Not an actual picture of our outlet**

He took the plug, went over to the outlet, and then backed away.

"No! I can't! I'll get electorated!!!"

I'm just glad he remembered something Brandon taught him.


jimaie.marie said...

LOL!! smart boy.

my son on the other hand, thinks nothing electrical can get him b/c his daddy's an electrician. If daddy can do it so can he, in his 4 yr old mind ;)

it's kinda scary

Omgirl said...

haha. Cute! The sad thing is, our plugs really do look like that picture!