Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thanks for the Mammories

UPDATE: She had a sweet little girl.

Let's not say how many weeks ago this was, but it was about 3...

All my girls from the townhouses [except Christine (we couldn't get a hold of her) and Brenda (who lives in Cali.)] got together for a Girl's Night dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We've been trying for awhile, but since Melissa was due with her 3rd baby the next week, we made it happen. We ate great food, walked around the mall and chatted till the cows came home (us...ha ha ha ha).

Here's my favorite of Liz and Melissa.

A "normal" one:

Here's the other side of the table: Adalie (who is not a blogger *gasp*), me and Amy.

Finally, we got a whole group shot, after the table was a huge mess, but alas...

(On a side note ladies, most of the pictures STILL came back with red eye in them, even with the extra obnoxious flash...blah)

And not interesting to anyone but me, here are pics of the food. Amy chose a Santa Fe salad
I had avacado eggrolls

Melissa chose the chicken mediera (sp?)
And Liz and Adalie both had the something Farfalle? ha ha
And then as I went to the bathroom, they (Liz and Melissa) hijacked my camera for some beautiful candid shots of

A lady's colorful tattoo
Our waitress, who did not have any helpful start-your-labor tips
And an artsy photo of the inside of a glass of coke?
Oh ladies, how I love you and miss you. And still to this day, I think of all the talk about boob jobs.

And after being a week overdue, Melissa's doctor was finally back in town and is supposed to be inducing her today. So maybe in the next couple hours, there will be a new Shippen baby!! They chose not to find out the sex of the baby, so I'm excited to find out what it is!


jimaie.marie said...

you are my hero for taking pics of all your food. i loooove food.
omg aren't those avacado rolls so darned good? YUM!!!

have you had the artichoke appetizer?

aren't girls nights the best ever?

Danielle said...

Looks like good times and really good food! I know Christine will be bummed she missed it - she loves Cheesecake Factory! Hope you didn't have to wait 500 hours for a table.

Brenda said...

Ohh. Now I'm homesick! I miss GNO! Looks like fun and after I have all my kids, sign me up for the boob job. Miss you all!

Omgirl said...

You'll have to pass on any helpful boob job comments. KT and I looked online at before and after pics last night. Some SERIOUSLY ugly ones. I need to know how to avoid that.
Also, those egg rolls looked divine. I'm done with my weight competition in 9 days. Wanna revsit the Cheesecake Factory?

Liz said...

Nice pics. I was going to take one of my butt, but i knew that you would post it and I thought that we should keep it clean for the kiddies.