Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Breaking News---Nothing to Report


Sorry to all those I called after 9pm last night to tell them to watch. The list is long, and now that means there were a ton of people sitting there through "Breaking News". Basically the whole newscast (except weather) was bumped for this story. A little girl went missing 2 days ago, and all signs in the breaking news story pointed to them finding her body. Of course it is a tragedy, of course a lot of people were worried about her, searching for her. But they didn't have any information to give about it till about 10:30 when there was finally a press conference. So they just filled time for half an hour, which is why I don't watch the news. So sure, the Housicle isn't as important as all that, but still...We were mucho disappointed. And I wish I could play it off as a prank of our own, like "Ha ha, we FOOLED you all!!" but that would add to the embarrassment. Blah..


Ang said...

I saw a clip for it last night during Biggest Loser. Cool to see Brandon on TV :) I hope they'll show it another time.

Leigh said...

so sad. do they know what happened?

Omgirl said...

We watched 40 minutes of reporters reporting not having any news yet last night while we waited for the houseicle. Darn! I'll have to look it up on youtube I guess. (Is it still there?)