Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tetanus Anyone?

Thursday I walked around my van, stepped on something, and when it went into my foot, I finally took notice. Here is the offender.

Here is the hole in my shoe.
Here is the mostly healed hole in my foot.

I know, nothing great, but I did have to go get a Tetanus shot the next day. Yippee!
It was a roofing nail, and I blame Brandon. Though that Saturday he stepped on one that went into his big toe. So there's his payback! HA!


jimaie.marie said...

but can i say, Cute shoes!! :D

MCmommy said...

did you superglue the hole shut?

amanda said...

so first, sorry bout the foot - ouch is right. been there done that, too many times to count!

but more importantly - super cute shoes!!

ps - glad mcmommy led me to u!!